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Marianna Fridjonsdottir, former Chief Executive of TvDanmark/Channel 2 and a pioneer of modern television in Scandinavia, has been in the media business for 45 years, starting in the newsroom of the Icelandic State Broadcasting service, RUV, in 1970.
She’s been a TV-producer/director since 1974, producing and directing news, documentaries, current affairs, entertainment, and complex live transmissions. She was the executive co-ordinator for the Reagan-Gorbachev summit in Iceland 1986, on behalf of RUV.
Later she became Head of Production for the newly founded privately owned TV-channel in Iceland, Channel 2.

She moved to Denmark in 1990 to become Head of Production for Kanal 2, later TvDanmark/Kanal 2, an SBS owned company. Here she produced and directed a host of programmes, until in 1998 when she resigned to create her own company, focused on women and their digital future, covering issues like e-learning, starting your life on the internet, starting your own business and running it, a positive approach towards life and strong self esteem. shared the beliefs that conscience development in business and the workplace is one of the fundaments of the society.

Marianna contributed content to different Danish and international services covering the new media and also participated in multi platform projects involving streaming and other multimedia experiments.

In 2004 Marianna moved back to Iceland for personal reasons and worked for Sagafilm as responsible for domestic TV productions for almost 3 years. She is now independent again, lectures on Social Media Marketing at the University of Iceland (Continuous Learning), and has been in charge of educating the filmmakers and TV-producers of the future at the Icelandic Film School. Started up the first IP-TV station in Iceland and creates websites and communication platforms.

Lecturing and teaching “living” communication has been main occupation for the last years in form of courses at the Continuing Education-University of Iceland, online courses, lectures for companies and organizations and consulting jobs in social media marketing for businesses of different sizes, mostly in Iceland and in Denmark. Constructing websites and producing visual branding also comes in strong.

In 2012 Marianna returned to Denmark.
In spring 2013 she started working on a new concept together with former TvDanmark CEO, Bent Helvang. The project was launched late August 2013 in co-operation with Fætter BR/TopToys. The project is a WEB-TV channel for young children, 2-8 years. The concept is bringing non-violent entertaining and learning content to the children via web, tablets, smartphones and SmartTV. Toontv was launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and is a subscription service. Marianna was in charge of the build up and launch from scratch to performance as Head of Production.
Teaching social media marketing, content marketing. A series of lectures tailormade for the Icelandic union of teachers about how to use social media to change the image of a profession and how to unite teachers to do so. Those lectures continues into the autumn when we take the teaching around Iceland on a Road Show. Teaching at the Icelandic Universiti continuous learning, mostly Facebook for business and advertising.
On the web front several websites have been produced this year:
For Balorama Media Group Aps;,, is under construction. a webshop was launched early this year and so was a remake of an online newsmagazine. is a webcatalog with products for the B2B market. http://www.hotel-lolland got a remake in 3 languages and was connected to for booking and for payment. At the same time was connected to the bookingsystem and payment and both businesses were connected further to channels like, and more. And working perfectly. Some smaller sites have been produced like f.i. and personal sites for potilicians and others. Late July saw the completion of a new ecommerce site which focuses on international markets, primarily USA and Canada, A new travelagency is coming online in August and in the autumn will get a totally new functionality and look. And is to be relaunched as a news and memebershipsite in september.

Partnering with Balorama Media Group, working on media distribution development and combination of different media platforms. Created new website for Balorama; and a shopping portal Serving our customers with social media productions and content marketing, working on their SMO (Social Media Optimizing). Some very impressive results 🙂 Lecturing and teaching about content marketing, content branding, social media; Facebook, Instagram, youtube and other social media platforms for brands, interconnection and setup of the companies own newsroom.
Working on websites for different customers as http://www.krummafilms.com a new website to replace an old one for an existing customer and – an international shoppingsite – http://www.axfilms.is – all have been launched this year.

Working on different WEB-tv concepts. Running several Facebook campaigns for customers. Teaching social media and content marketing to companies, big and small. Courses at the Icelandic University in social media marketing were never more popular. Key note speaker at European InfoNet Adult Education years conference in Prague in May. New websites for:,,, Working on further expertise in video social media marketing and SEO. Getting on the Google map with a combined social media campaign on youtube and facebook. And then some more.


Web design for Icelandic and Danish customers alike. Social media consultation. Lectures on Social Media at the Icelandic University. Concept creation and content production. Video is the next new text and more customers are opening up their eyes for the visual communication on the net.
Early 2013 Webmom produced a series of educational videos for the Icelandic Teachers Association – their first attempt to make a living presence on the net.
Webmom is highly movable with her production gear so geography has not been the issue.
In May 2013 Webmom started working on a new WEB-TV concept – ToonTV. WEB-TV without violence for small children, 2-8 years. ToonTV will be the first non-violent WEB-TV for small children to launch throughout Scandinavia. A mixture of traditional live transmission in native languages and non verbal – and Netflix like SVOD services. ToonTV was launched in Denmark, Norway and Sweden on Aug 23rd. 2013.

In the fall of 2012 Webmom continued to produce and executive all social media activities for Frostroses as for the past two years. This included awareness on social media platforms and video production for the net, all in all about 30 videos.

The first months of the new year were spent on extensive production of Green April 2012. Filming at companies in the green sector and celebrities telling their “green” stories, resulted in 50 videos produced for Green April. Together with the website, social media campaign and extensive co-operation with the Icelandic media, no one in Iceland could avoid being reached by the idea of a Greener April. Lecturing at the University, teaching companies how to use social media and solving communication problems for different companies were the other main issues of spring 2012. And moving back to Denmark late May. was established once again owned and controlled by Marianna and the Green Heels Production era closed.

In May 2012, Marianna moved back to Denmark and is seeking new adventures and opportunities.

Early 2011 Marianna started working with Gudrun G. Bergmann on environmental issues and other projects later developing into Green Heels Production. First task was to gather forces to run a media campaign involving governmental organs and companies in “Green April 2011”. The making of the film “The second journey of Gudridur Thorbjarnardottir to Rome” took us on a visit to His Holiness the Pope.
The issue of using Social Media as a marketing tool and consulting on living and modern communication grew in all aspects and created new and exciting opportunities. Late 2011 two charity shows on TV, produced, directed and written by Marianna took their time – with excellent results for the beneficial partners. By the fall NORDVUX asked for consultation on the use of Social Media, resulting in two courses for the Nordic educational network for the organization and their editors. Both courses were held in Copenhagen.
Marianna has been responsible for all social media activities of Frostrosir in the season 2010, 2011 and 2012. It includes all social media communication, stills, videos and so forth. Frostrosir is the biggest Christmas concert concept in Iceland and runs throughout December. This year Frostrosir expanded to the Faroe Islands with everything sold out.

Late 2009 saw tasks like The Icelandic National Assembly held mid Nov. Here MF held the role of The Media Ant – in charge of all press, publicity and press relation for the event.
As more and more companies became aware of the Social Media issue, the last part of 2009 evolved around projects like getting Air Iceland and other major companies on different Social Media Platforms and training their staff in using the media and new form of communication. The first months of 2010 were used to create and direct web presence, content production and all social media platforms for the Social Democratic Party prior to the Communal Election held late May. The summer has been used creating websites, social media and live content for different Danish customers.

. Head of department at the Icelandic Film School.
. Lectures and workshops at the Continuing Education – University of Iceland. Issues: Social Media Marketing, Facebook Pages for marketing and business. Google apps for production and communication in the 21st. Century.
. Manager for the Social Democratic Alliance in Reykjavik. Election 2009 to parliament.
. Continued to produce the Governmental weekly press meetings until May when the form was changed.
. Producing web sites for companies and businesses with different interactive Web 2.0 solutions.
. Lectures about Social Media Marketing at the official IT-day of governmental establishments and at various other gatherings.
. Á allra vörum, charity transmission, live on TV – 3,5 hrs. This year collecting for children suffering from cancer. Producer, writer and director of the show.

. Á allra vörum, charity transmission, live on TV (SkjarEinn). We collected 35 mill. ISK over one evening to finance new and better equipment for screening breast cancer. Producer and director of the TV show.
. Lecturing and workshops at the Icelandic Film School on different items; news production, entertainment series, documentaries, music videos.
. From August 2008-May 2009 head of department at the Icelandic Film School. In charge of the line of producers and directors for film and TV.
. Producer and stage director of Eddan, the Icelandic Film and TV community awards.
. In charge of the Governmental press meetings following the economical crisis in Iceland.
. Elected chairwoman of WIFT Iceland (Women in Film and Television, Icelandic brand).

. Went freelance once again.
. Producer and director of the Icelandic Music Awards.
. Solving a back and front-end problem for Hekla Travels in Denmark. They were implementing a new on line booking and shopping facility. Content production and problem solving.
. Manager for the Social Democratic Alliance in Reykjavik. Election 2007 to parliament.
. Sept-Dec. Creation of the first IP-TV station in Iceland. Technical solutions, program strategy and running the station on daily basis. The station is distributed nationwide, digital and HD ready. 24 hrs. transmission, concept “talk-TV”.

. The Icelandic version of “The Bachelor” 13 x 60 min. Sold to SkjarEinn. Executive producer of the first Icelandic reality show.
. “In 7th heaven” a weekly directly transmitted entertainment program – 1 hr. OB production, live music, entertainment, interviews and audience. Producer and hands on director. Sold to Channel 2.
Making of the website of – CMS vyre.

. The Icelandic version of “The lyrics board”. 68 eps. X 60 min. Producer and director. Sold to Channel 2.
. The Icelandic version of “How clean is your house?” 24 eps x 25 min. Executive producer. Sold to SkjarEinn.

TV2 East – Film and TV, an independent production company driven by TV2 East. Producer.
. Moved back to Iceland. Atli Thor, youngest son died in a train accident late 2003 and Andri Thor his brother, living in Iceland at the time, was in need of support. Started working for Sagafilm in August 2004. Responsible for domestic TV-production, contracting TV stations, suppliers, freelancers and format owners.
. Studio director of Kallakaffi, 12 eps. Comic-drama series for RUV.

. in Vordingborg.

· is partnering with and Contracts with – SMS premium services. moves to Vordingborg.
· Freelancing at DK-4, 1 hr. TV-production, culture/music once a week.

· Development of SMS-applications, div. content-production, web-production.
· May – Introducing the new dynamic wireless platform of, running on WAP, PDA and I-mode. Partnership with CMS-Siteman, enabling production of e-commerce and information-portals for small and medium-sized companies. Official beta tester of CMS.
· April – starting up a new information portal, (together with 50/50 partnership) bringing peer-to-peer and news you can use.
· Introducing a new e-learning concept to be developed targeting women in the digital future!

· Articles for diverse media, mostly about new technology.,,,,

· launched late November. Interactive recipes on the Net, for the first time, news and information. Integrated WEB-TV in MPEG4 quality., the English WAP version launched early November. is a project operating under
· Working as consultant with InterMedia ApS. Business development and project management of different vertical information portals with focus on multimedia and TV on the Internet, July 2000. Diverse consults projects covering the structure of multifunctional information-portals. Co-operation terminated in February, 2001.
· Concept-development for the Internet.
·, launched late March, partners: InterMedia ApS, A vertical information portal for the Danish e-bizz industry. The portal has been closed as of April 2001.
·, launched in version 0.5 April 16th. A vertical portal for immigrants in Denmark. The participation was terminated in July. Concept, content, design, programming.
·, under development. WAP version launched May 9th.
·, information for women, in the digital age. Targeted at women who need the key to the information society future. Re-launch, Danish and English, new design and functionality.

· September: co-creating a new Internet-start-up company: ( The goal of the company was originating concepts for the Internet mostly concentrating on Portals and know-ledge-generating concepts. The co-operation was terminated in February, 2000.
·, a virtual community for Icelanders living in Denmark (launched Dec. 15th), concept, design, functionality.
· Tears of Silence, documentary – co-operative assistance.
· Hekla rejser – commercial campaign, Tv-spot, Information-video, Web-site. First trial in streaming multimedia to the Internet.
· Sharkfever, a documentary, Danish territorial rights TvDanmark – co-production, international distribution TV2.
· Tint of love, a documentary, Danish territorial rights DR(1), co-production, international distribution TV2.
· Digging for diamonds, a documentary, co-production, international distribution TV2.

· Consultant on Barnarasin, the first Icelandic kids cable TV-station and the first TV-station in Iceland targeted to children – a non-violent concept.
· launched for first time in English.
· Starting own company, (June 1998).
· Head of Production at TvDanmark Kanal 2 (stopped 1998).

· Head of Production at TvDanmark Kanal 2.
· In charge of technically launching the TvDanmark Network.
· Controlling the production of a local sister station, Channel Copenhagen.
· Originating the concept of Kanal 2 Rapporten (the daily news and magazine bulletin, 1hrs), together with others.
· Several productions as producer/director:
· Profiles of Cliff Richard, Eros Ramazotti, Ebbe Rode, and other personalities.
· Several music programmes and other entertainment programmes.
· Originating children programmes and different entertainment and information concepts.
· Active member of the News World Conference from 1995.

· Head of production STOD 2 (Channel 2) Iceland.
· Building up a new department to handle all own production, executive producer for all own programmes.
· Director/producer of Election-night, the first major programme produced by the channel.
· One of the chief originators of the news-programme 19:19, an hour-long news and current affairs programme.
· Finished the BBC training in Elstree, emphasis on financial management for television productions and drama direction.
· Co-writer, producer and co-director of 2 children’s dramas for television, filled with special effects, build on folklore, specially composed music and ballet.
· Forming the televised show of the Miss Iceland competition for the years to come (a 4 hrs live broadcast with artists and in gala surroundings). In 1988 Miss Iceland became Miss World.
· Originating a “Friday-night-out-on-the-town” – a variety show, which ran through the summer of 1988, every time with 1000 guests, artists, interviews and dramatised parts. Directed and produced the live transmission.
· Producer of the first World Cup Tournament in chess, held in Iceland over one month. Target: making chess entertaining for the screen. The originator behind The World Cup Tournament was Gary Kasparov. The contestants the best Grandmasters in the World.
· Hired to Sweden to direct the last World Cup Tournament in Chess from Skelefteå. A 5 weeks event distributed all around the world, f.i. to the Soviet Union, Malaysia, Africa, different European countries, Australia, UK and Canada.
· Originating, producing and directing a charity programme – live broadcast of 5hrs. Aim; to collect financial aid to people handicapped by traffic accidents. All the major Icelandic artists supported the programme. The result was a 20 apartment house – fully equipped.
· Director of a 1 ½ hrs. long musical for the stage, running for every weekend for around 9 months.
· Director of several smaller shows for the stage.
· Directed and produced the Grand Prix in Icelandic Song Competition – a live transmission.
· Different other live, complex programmes (Election and entertainment).
· A number of programmes concentrating on personalities, and several documentaries, f.i. one about models in Paris at the time when the concept of the Supermodel was just born.
· Originating the idea of having a script competition to further script writing for television in Iceland.

· Producing and directing live magazine-programmes and entertainment programmes.
· Producing and directing the Icelandic Election Night Coverage for RUV
· Producing and directing the opening concert of the Symphonic Orchestra
· Direction and production of the 200th anniversary of the Capital – Reykjavik. Three-day live broadcast, including the Festival-night made of 1 hour drama performed solely for this occasion. The programme included the Icelandic Symphonic Orchestra + 200 singers, a musical and a comedy as well as the speeches by the President of Iceland and the Major of Reykjavik. The other two broadcasts were a 7 hrs. live rock-concert and a Jazz concert.
· From 1976 to 1986 responsible for the TV version of the New-year speeches to the nation of both the Icelandic President and the Prime Minister.
· 1986 on the board of the State Committee preparing for the summit of Reagan and Gorbachev. Executive co-ordinator and in charge of all the services done by RUV (the Icelandic State Broadcasting Service) to every TV-station coming into Iceland and controlled the flow of material out of the country on behalf of RUV. Also co-ordination of the productions of the event made by RUV at the time.

· On leave from RUV. Partly to have 2 children and partly to run for the Icelandic Parliament – Althing.
· Managed the election campaign for the Social Democratic Party in Reykjavik. For the following four years a deputy at the Althing. Involved in the campaign for further women’s right and discussion about equal opportunities. Taking part in political activities and connected to the other Nordic Social Democratic Parities.

· Producer and director of the daily news-bulletin on RUV. In addition producing/directing documentaries and Current Affairs programmes.
· Producing and directing all the Election Night Coverage’s that were held in Iceland during these years, and they were several of them. In Iceland the Election Nights Coverage is an 11 hrs. live production with facts, analysis, news and entertainment.

· Assigned the job of a producer assistant in the News at RUV (the Icelandic State Broadcasting Service).
· Assistant Producer of documentaries and Current Affairs.
· P.A. at the first complex direct transmission in Iceland, when the Icelandic Saga’s were returned from Denmark.